At Mount Maunganui Roofing, we specialise in replacing old roofs with new ones
Does your existing roof need replacing?


Is your roof in need of work? Let us take care of it for you. We are specialists in all forms of steel re-roofing, re-spouting, repairs and maintenance. We are also able to re-roof old decramastic, metal or concrete tile roofs with new longrun iron.

We are happy to talk to you about your plans and can offer you a free quote. Our specialists will inspect your roofing and/or spouting, and advise on the best way to proceed. Our experienced team of roofers will minimise any disruption to your household or work.

All you will need to provide is a power source and access to your property exterior. The rest is up to us. We use Worksafe approved scaffolding, and will be happy to work with you if you want to take advantage of the scaffolding to re-paint your house or require scaffolding for any other maintenance projects you have planned.

Frequently asked questions

Why is being a member of the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) important?

Whether a residential dwelling or commercial/industrial property, installing a new roof, re-roofing or restoring and maintaining your roof system is an important investment.

What products should I use on my roof?

Whether you’re roofing or cladding your dream home, building a warehouse or shed, or starting a renovation, there are a few things you need to consider.

Can you replace or install skylights in my roof?

Yes, we can install new or replace old with all the appropriate flashings.  Contact us to discuss your options.

My clearlites need replacing, can you help me?

Yes, we can replace clearlites.

How should I choose which roofing contractor to go with?

Top tips for selecting the right contractor for you: * Ensure they are a member of the roofing association - if someone is not a member and they do a bad job, you have no come back, we have seen some clients pay for a roof twice which is an expensive mistake.

What should my quote include?

When looking at quotes, it's important that you're not going to get any surprises later. Your quote should include:

Do I need a building consent for re-roofing?

In most cases re-roofing falls under 'like for like' so no permits are required. The exception would be changing from a light weight roof to a heavy weight. This would require permits, design and extra structural work to carry the extra weight.

Why do I need an experienced Roofer?

Quality repairs by someone who knows what they are doing is important as someone in-experienced can actually damage your roof.  You can damage a roof by walking on it or cause yourself/someone in-experienced a serious injury if you were to fall.  For example you should never walk on rusted sheets

Are changes required for coastal/marine environments?

Yes, different roofing materials are required for marine/sulphur zones. One of our consultants will be able to advise on what will be required for your particular environment and what is needed so warranty conditions are met.

What colour options do I have?

You can also pick up samples from our office to match them with your house/surroundings.

Can I have different colours for my roof and fascia or cladding?

Yes, often clients will go with a two toned look to add effect.  For example one light and one dark can offer a stunning contrast.  The colour options are or alternatively visit us at our office to pick up samples which you can take home with

When you re-roof my house will my roof be left open?

No, we only remove as much roof as we can replace on the same day, unless it is an asbestos removal in which case an approved asbestos removal company will remove the roof and cover, and we then commence with the new roof.

Are you able to provide insulation?

Yes, when looking at a new roof or re-roof you should also consider insulation options to keep your home warm and dry.  It is often cost effective to install insulation when the roof is off.  Talk to us for your insulation options.

Why does my roof need netting under the paper?

It is considered good roofing practise (Mount Maunganui Roofing Policy) to use netting on a roof under 10 degree pitch so the roofing underlay cannot possibly sag in the future - we generally ship-lap (lay sideways) the underlay in low pitch situations too.

Should I consider looking at guttering and downpipes when I re-roof?

Yes, it makes sense to consider these at the same time, if they need replacing the work can be completed at the same time as the roof.  This can minimise overall costs and minimise disruption and utilise the scaffolding.

Why do we need scaffolding?

Worksafe laws dictate that anyone working at heights has to be protected from falling. The scaffold does this, it also provides a work platform for any works to the boundaries of the roof. It can be a good idea to utilise scaffolding and get painting and maintenance done to the high or hard to access areas.

Do I need to move out during re-roofing?

No, we only remove as much as we can cover with new roofing materials, so your roof will be water proof every night. However if it is asbestos removal there will be a period of time you will need to be out, discuss this with one of our consultants.

Can you install other roofing options around my garden or deck?

Looking at indoor/outdoor flow is often important, looking at clearlites or pergolas can add to the outdoor enjoyment and can be done as a separate project or at the same time as your re-roof.  It can be good to have a mix of steel and clears on pergolas to provide areas of shade in the height of

What health and safety practices do you follow?

We have a detailed health and safety plan (please ask if you would like a copy of this) and complete hazard identification forms before starting each job (again please ask for a copy if you would like to see these).  We are serious about safety and happy to discuss any safety requirements with you.

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I just wanted to let you know we are rapt with our new roof. A special thank you to Scott and his team. They went all out to get the roof on and weather proof before the storm hit that night. Once the weather cleared Scott returned & finished the flashings, and assisted me putting the chimney flue back in before he flashed it. Fantastic performance, proving why Mount Maunganui Roofing is “Always on top”.
Chris Fryer - Otumoetai