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Hearing Mount Maunganui Roofing’s comical radio ads for years - naturally, I called them first. With two levels and 2 roofs, my job required 2 sets of scaffolding, a builder, roofers and total re-paint. Mark’s advice was great. He visited ASAP, took photos, gave his opinion and offered names of builders and painters. He even met with the scaffolder on site prior. April 2019 As my own project manager, it meant co-ordinating each contractor. • I aimed for a minimum 6 weeks’ notice; nailed the scaffold first, then kept everyone informed– especially with a rain delay. I also maintained close contact with each contractor throughout. • With two scaffold stages, this was important as the upper tier needed removing so roofers and painters could continue. `Weekends aside, work was completed in eight days. Mark and Michael were the last men standing - beating forecast rain. It poured 15 minutes later – washed the roof nicely, thanks. While communication is the key, everyone worked in to make my project a well-oiled team effort. I guess that’s why Mount Maunganui Roofing is always on top! Thanks guys. Jo Ferris 
Jo Ferris - Papamoa, April 2019

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