What should my quote include?

* The exact type of roof which will be used, the thickness of the material and the grade of the material for example New Zealand Colorsteel Endura

* The manufacturer of the materials (be aware of cheaper international products used as substitutes which are not recommended in the NZ environment)

* If it is a re-roof what is being replaced and what is being re-used.  If elements are being re-used what is the condition of those elements and should they be re-used?

* Exact specific scope of the work being done

* Any penetrations eg skylights, chimneys, or aerials.  What does your roof have on it and are these elements included in the price?

* Is rubbish removal included?  This can sometimes be quite costly and will make a big difference to the price.

* Is scaffolding included?  Is it compliant to New Zealand standards?  Do you need any extra working decks to get some painting and or other maintenance done at the same time to get value for money?

* What warranties are included

* Do they have insurance in case anything goes wrong?

* Any extra Insurance needs required

* Pink batts should be specified if needed


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