1. What products should I use on my roof?

Whether you’re roofing or cladding your dream home, building a warehouse or shed, or starting a renovation, there are a few things you need to consider.

Here are some tips to get your project on the right track.

1. Colour and style

Start with some online research and drive around your neighbourhood to see what roofing or cladding style appeals to you.

Consider how different colours would suit the rest of your home and the surrounding landscape.

Ask friends for advice.

Check with the local council if there are any limitations around colour choice.


2. Profile and function

The profile is the curve or wave of the steel.

Check with the local council if you need building consent for your plans.

Roofing for new builds

When designing a roof, think about problem areas. For example, places where salt could build up over time and affect the lifespan of your roof by causing corrosion.

Decide on a roofline. For example, gabled (roof panels meet to create a ridge) or hipped (all 4 sides slope down towards the wall).

Make sure your roof meets the minimum required pitch. This is the measurement of how steep a roof is.


Re-roofing is also a great opportunity to improve your home’s overall appearance by exploring a new profile or colour.


3. Working with the environment

The surrounding environment will have a big impact on your choices. From the colour you choose, to the product you select. For example, if you’re near the coast, consider COLORSTEEL® MAXX® for superior durability.

Keep in mind that all COLORSTEEL® solutions carry the Environmental Choice NZ license which means that it can contribute to the achievement of maximum points

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